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[IPk] Insulin Pump advice


The decision to place your son on the pump will depend a lot on the personal 
feelings of your consultant, as well as the number of successful pumpers at 
your clinic.  If there is general support for pump use at your clinic then 
they will look closely at his individual suitability for the pump.

This suitability will depend, amongst other factors, on his current insulin 
regime.  Has he tried different insulin types/doses??  I tried quite a few 
different regimes pre-pump, and they all proved unsuccessful.

  Perhaps the most important factor for your consultant (as well as the 
comany who sells you the pump) is your personal knowledge of your own 
diabetes and how to adjust to it.  While poor BG control and high HBA1C 
values can indicate that an insulin regime does not work, it can show that 
the patient knows little about dosage adjustment/nutrition, or even doesn't 
care about their control (this may well not be the case, but it can 'seem' 
like this).  Nutritional knowledge, carbohydrate counting, and general 
dietary nous are all very important in using a pump successfully.

In addition, it is advantageuos to be a 'responsible' person, who leads a 
fairly consistent lifestyle day-to-day (especially in determining initial 
basal rates).  I was initially refused a pump by my consultant on the 
grounds of an erratic lifestyle, though I later learnt that this was hiding 
more personal objections to pumps.  I would have thought that the regularity 
of achool could be advatageous for transition onto a pump.

Last, and not least, if you are willing to pay for the pump (and its ongoing 
consumables), they may just be willing to let your son have one.  They are 
expensive, and it can be hard to obtain funding.

I wish you luck.  If you haven't already had a look, a good source of 
information is on the pumpers website at




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