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Re: [IPk] overnight ketones & dodgy A1c

>Even the rise after a decent meal could produce some ketones, and
they will be around for some time afterwards.

I thought your BG had to be over a certain number (say, above 13) for a few 
hours before ketones began developing (although someone pointed out that 
different people develop ketones at different BG levels). While I would have 
had BGs like that in December, I've been doing much better during the day, 
so I wouldn't have a BG that high for more than an hour or so.

I'm testing ketones so frequently with normal BGs because I'm trying to 
figure out if there's an extended period of very low or very high readings. 
It just doesn't match up, however. For example, last night my recorded 
numbers varied between 5 & 7, and I had a big dinner (I covered 102g of 
carb), but I still had trace ketones at 3am - using new ketones strips, read 
in a good light.

I know if I can't come up with an explanation I'm going to have to let the 
ketone part of this puzzle slide, but all input is welcome. (I have a 
diabetes apt about it all next Thursday).


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