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Re: [IPk] overnight ketones & dodgy A1c

Nanette wrote:

>I would not think that the
>difference between 6.8 and 7 is significant - almost certainly within
>measurement errors, but agree that going up from 6 to 6.8 is

I disagree: it seems that .1 does represent a notable deterioration in 
control, in my experience. When I had my initial A1c increase from 6 to 6.2, 
I had expected a much worse A1c because I had been having many more BGs over 
12, and it was taking longer to get them down (I was very stressed at the 
time). I do accept, however, that measurement errors could produce the same 
sort of discrepancy.

Luckily I don't have flu! My DSN also asked me was I eating, and I am. 
However, food intake might have something to do with it, because for a while 
I was using consistently 28-32 units a day, and now I'm back down to between 
25-30. I wonder if that's enough of a difference to produce overnight 
ketones? I'm probably getting the same if not more calories, however, 
because I use a lot of oil and butter to compensate - although I'll have to 
change that if my cholesterol goes up as well.


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