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Re: [IPk] overnight ketones & dodgy A1c

Hi Elizabeth,

I don't know about expert, but could these ketones be a response to daytime
highs? Even the rise after a decent meal could produce some ketones, and
they will be around for some time afterwards.

How about the ketone strips, are they in date, and are you sure you are
reading them correctly; I'm not questioning you, but it can be difficult to
compare shades of purple, especially when one is on a wet strip, the other
on a label on the bottle.

Finally, you could do what most other people do, and stop testing for
ketones when your BGs are OK!! Ketones aren't always due to high BGs, but if
you trust your meter, ketones just aren't important if you are able to keep
a normal bg. They are produced by fasting and exercise as well. You can have
very high glucose levels without ketones, but you can't have serious
ketoacidosis with a normal glucose.

Tony O'Sullivan
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