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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #78

In a message dated 4/15/2002 10:59:16 PM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> You are right about the insulin for breakie the last time I had a Jamie
> Oliver fry-up I did bolus 6 but i got high sugar reading so this time I
> upped it by one
> My normal ratio 10 germs to 1. unit I may have done wrong this time.
> You spoke of rebounding I have had this happen before but I haven't seen
> others talking about it and I in the past have boluses for the increases but
> the set having it's problem gave me more than the normal reaction.
> Hi Donald,
> I get rebounds too, even allowing for the fact that I sometimes still give 
> too much CHO for the hypo (it's that irrationality that goes with a hypo 
> that says, why aren't you back to normal yet - give yourself some more 
> CHO...).  I give myself more insulin when I found I've had a rebound or 
> realise I've overcompensated, though that can take a while.
> Some folk find their bg is affected a lot by protein and fat.  While in 
> some this may simply be because absorption of CHO eaten with it is 
> considerably slowed, it seems that others do need to give more insulin to 
> cover these.  I must say that the former affects me (I give a square wave 
> bolus, which suits me) but the latter doesn't at all.  The same sort of 
> thing seems to apply to dry alcoholic drinks, some have to give insulin, 
> some don't. You have to find what's best for you.  It might be worth doing 
> with hardly any CHO - 
eggs and bacon, perhaps - when you've not eaten for several hours (and no 
> hours), not giving insulin with it and checking your 
> bgs every hour or so for a few hours.  (This isn't going to be any more 
> harmful than those fasting "basal rate check" periods - it's a one-off, and 
> if you do go high you can correct for it but you'll know the score).
> Mary
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