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[IPk] ketones and dodgy A1c

Do you find any variation in ketones with the quantity of carb eaten during
the previous day/ evening?
I believe that very low carb diets can cause ketone production ( sorry,
knowledge of metabolism very rusty so can't explain why)

As you do multiple blood glucose measurements it is surprising that your
meter readings don't show an increase in values consistent with the rise in

Has the hospital starting using a different measurement with a different
reference range?

I'm sure you've thought to get your meter checked to ensure it's still
giving accurate readings but just in case you haven't....

Perhaps high numbers take longer to show up in your A1C and therefore the
effect persists for longer
( sorry, no scientific explanation, probably clutching at straws but I do
recall reading in Balance some time ago that an improvement in control can
take up to 6 months to show up fully in an A1C, so if this is true perhaps a
bad week or two can  show it's effect over a longer time)

Whatever the cause I hope you manage to sort it out. You probaly wouldn't
find the clinic much help as I imagine they would be delighted at an A1c of
7 % and won't appreciate how frustrating the increase is for you
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