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Re: : [IPk] Bad day

> ------------------------------
> > Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 19:55:31 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
> From: "Donald O' Donnell" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Bad day
> > It's the Marathon
> So I got up at 8 am got ready and did myself a Jamie Oliver fry-up 2 egg's
> little/skinless sausages 1 tomato 6 large button mushrooms and 4 rashers
> low fat smoked bacon and a slice of fried bread and gave myself a bolus 7
> units as there is fat in it I thought it would be fine.

Did you test when you got up, if you did what was that reading?  I dont eat
mushrooms so it is one food Ive never looked up, from my carb counter book
that I have handy they are a free food so the only carbs in your meal was
the bread, I would say you over bolussed  for the fat content?!

> Got back to the flat at 13:30 and my sugars were 3.2

with 3.2 sometimes just a juice or a couple of  barley sugars bring mine up
enough (now I am pumping) and I dont have to eat, unless or when I feel like
it, the bolus is still given but a slightly less amount is given if they had
been low..

and had a snack then
> the next thing I remembered it was 17:00  I lost 3 1/2 hours and I don't
> know if a had a hypo of did I sleep.

Im a bit confused here, something you should know?

> The next time I did a test was 17:30 the sugars were 2.2 had a roll.
> Then at 18:00 the readings were 13 took 4 units later the readings were 22
> at 19:00 took an other 5 units now it's 19:35 reading are even higher too
> high for the meter, I am going to take an injection in fact 10 units.
> I put a new set on and had a good look at the one that was in  by the way
> had changed it yesterday, what I could see in the little tubing the bit
> is in side you skin was a cloudy blood filled tubing,

This would be why they crept up, annoying but at least it is the reason for
the high readings! the only time high bolus amounts havent brought my levels
down was when I had trouble with a site..
Type 1, 12 Years
Pumper, 11 Months

 I haven't notice this
> when I have changed the set in the past, I now have boluses .5 units for
> set, lets hope this starts to work for me.
> Donald
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