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[IPk] Bad day

It's the Marathon

So I got up at 8 am got ready and did myself a Jamie Oliver fry-up 2 egg's 2
little/skinless sausages 1 tomato 6 large button mushrooms and 4 rashers of
low fat smoked bacon and a slice of fried bread and gave myself a bolus 7
units as there is fat in it I thought it would be fine.

Got back to the flat at 13:30 and my sugars were 3.2 and had a snack then
the next thing I remembered it was 17:00  I lost 3 1/2 hours and I don't
know if a had a hypo of did I sleep.

The next time I did a test was 17:30 the sugars were 2.2 had a roll.

Then at 18:00 the readings were 13 took 4 units later the readings were 22
at 19:00 took an other 5 units now it's 19:35 reading are even higher too
high for the meter, I am going to take an injection in fact 10 units.

I put a new set on and had a good look at the one that was in  by the way I
had changed it yesterday, what I could see in the little tubing the bit that
is in side you skin was a cloudy blood filled tubing, I haven't notice this
when I have changed the set in the past, I now have boluses .5 units for the
set, lets hope this starts to work for me.


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