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[IPk] No Flour

Hi to all gluten free diabetic pumpers.

I came across these recipes that I thought I would pass on to you.

This one is a Chocolate Cake

400grams of dark chocolate ( the best is buttons high in cocoa fat.
300 grams butter soft.
melt slowly in a bowl over a sauce pan with slightly simmering water, and do
this really slowly with out stirring the mix.
10 eggs white's.
10 egg yolk's.
225 grams of caster sugar.
3 dessert spoons heap of cocoa powder.

In a clean bowl whisk the sugar and the yolk's till they have changed colour
to a light yellow thick and creamy.

Whisk the egg white's to a soft peek ( this is to a stag the caterers call
say it is to when you can pick up the whisked white in the whisk it self and
it looks creamy and the bubble's haven't started to form in it)

Now mix the chocolate mix slightly then in to the egg yolk mix and do this
slowly ( in the trade they say fold in)

Now fold in the cocoa powder remember to do this slowly.

Now take one third of the whisked egg white and fold this in, then one more
third, then the last third.

The mix is finished.

Pour in to a flan ring some thing like a quiche tin not with a loose bottom
butter the ring first about 12 inches and bake in a pre heated oven (180

You get 12 good portions and all you have to deal with in the sugar and the
fat in the egg's,  ho how cares, it's really nice believe me.

 Italian plain cake so easy to do.

1/2 lb soft butter cream this first with a whisk
1/2 lb caster sugar.
1/4 lb of Polenta ( the instant one)
1/2 lb almonds you have ground your self and see that it looks like the
Zest of 4 lemons ( finely grated )
Juice of the 4 lemons
6 whole egg's

Cream the soft butter and sugar together until you can not feel the sugar in
it and this will go to an almost white colour.

Fold in the ground almonds slowly.

Fold in the polenta.

Add the juice and the zest.

Add 1 egg at a time and mix in well between each egg.

Place in to a butter cake tin and bake in a per heated oven (170 degrees )
for 45 minuets.

test with a thin knife see that after peacing the cake to the centre it
comes out clean.

cool down the cake with grease proof paper on the top and place a wait on to
it ( six plates )

Hope these come in useful and if you try them you enjoy them.

Best regards Donald

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