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[IPk] hospital experience- I was pleased

I was admitted as a day case to have a minor procedure under local
anaesthetic yesterday. I was a bit nervous about how the staff would react
to my pump. It wasn't in my local hospital where I have worked and know many
of the staff. I don't think any of the patients in this hospital use a pump
so staff would not have been familiar
I explained that I was diabetic. no one asked about my insulin . The staff
nurse queired what my last BG was, when it was taken, whether I had taken my
medication and whether I would be OK until lunchtime ( obviously meaning not
likely to go hypo). I explained that I was on a pump and that it was
continuously giving me insulin but no further questions were asked. I was
told I could keep my medication and supplies in my locker or give it to her
to put in the safe, whichever I prefered.

At lunchtime I bolused appropriately. No one knew I was giving myself
insulin or had asked whether I was due medication. I expect they're used to
people being on twice daily medication. It was a good thing I am on a
flexible regimen , or at least  had food in my bag as I was only given a
portion of cauliflower cheese, one scoop of mashed potatoe and
abbage( couldn't have been more than 20g CHO)

I was very happy with the care that I had and relieved that I was just left
to get on with my own diabetes management. I don't know whether they usually
have such a relaxed policy for self medicating, or whether they just forgot
to ask because they were busy and would have been more stringent if I had
been admitted overnight. Officially they probably should have at least kept
a written record of what I had self administered. But I'm not complaining.!

I was quite anxious about the whole situation before I went in and had made
a chart with my basal rates on it together with a scale of correction
boluses for high BG, my usual meal boluses and an explanation that they were
modified according to the meal content, together with names and contact
details of consultant and nurse specialist. None of this was needed
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