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Re: [IPk] Re: Airport horror - flying to the US, any advice please

Nanette, I will just add another comment to the others already posted.

I regularly travel to the States. I have made one trip there since Sept. 11 
and that was to Idaho with several stopovers on the way. I have never had any 
problems, though occasionally my pump does set the alarm off. On the few 
occasions this has happened, I just tell them what it is and am then allowed 
through without any problem. Chances are your pump will not be picked up by 
security. And my advice to you is to not say anything about it beforehand as 
this just draws their attention to it. The same goes for your diabetes gear. 
In the very unlikely event that the airline asks to keep your supplies locked 
up while travelling, ask to speak to a senior airport security person and 
explain your need to keep the supplies with you at all times. Say that you 
may need them while travelling and that you cannot under any conditions lose 
them. People with diabetes travel all the time with their syringes, etc.

Within this last year, I have also travelled several times to the Gulf region 
with my pump and never experienced any problems. Pump was never detected.

Have a nice trip and don't worry about your diabetes?

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