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[IPk] Re: Airport horror - flying to the US, any advice please

All this talk of airport horrors has got me extremely worried, since I
am scheduled to travel to the USA for a conference in June.

I have travelled since 11 September - a short trip to England in
February when I had no problems whatsoever.  I live in Israel, and
although security was extremely tight here (as you can imagine), and
again in Heathrow, my pump did not set off alarms, and when I was
asked, before my hand baggage was x-rayed, whether it might contain
anything that looked like weapons or needles, I simply said yes that
I'm diabetic, carry spare syringes and other equipment, and also told
them that I had an insulin pump which might set off the alarm as I
walked through. I also did have a doctor's letter with me just in case,
but no one wanted to see it this time.

However now I am worried about flying to the US, particularly since I
am going to the west coast, with a stopover on the way, and so will
need to go through security several times.  Has anyone had any
experience of this?  
It also occurs to me that travelling from and to Israel, even though I
will enter the US on my British passport, I may be viewed with extra
suspicion - and although I am going to a medical conference, and it
very nicely says Dr Freedman on my ticket, I am not a physician but a
physicist, so that is unlikely to help. 
I will have the doctor's letter of course, but I had heard that they
also want to see prescriptions or the supplies in the original boxes
labelled with the name of the patient - I would not generally take the
original box, indeed the pump cartridges and needles have never come in
a box, and none of the supplies I get on prescription have any labels
on whatsoever - is this likely to cause problems?  if I know in
advance, I could persuade the pharmacist to put on labels on insulin
and pump supplies etc next time I need new supplies.  

Any other helpful ideas - even the remote possibility of being
separated from my supplies for these long flights is nightmarish,
before I even start thinking of all my previous (pre-DM) experiences of
being stuck for several days waiting for lost baggage to turn up - that
song (which our son used kindly to sing us each time before we
travelled - was it Monty Python?) with the line "I'm so worried
about....the baggage retrieval system they've got at Heathrow" is only
too true, except that in addition one could substitute name of any
other major airport probably. 


> Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 20:17:47 +0100
> From: "Tony O'Sullivan" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IPk] Airport horror
> Pat, that sounds like a terrible experience. Also a potentially
> dangerous
> one. I think a letter of complaint to head of security at the
> airport,
> copied to the BAA and Diabetes UK, would go a long way. This kind of
> nonsense might have affected a less resourceful person, or someone of
> an
> arabic background with diabetes, for example, a lot more. Besides, it
> helps
> to re-establish a sense of balance about what happened!

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