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Re: [IPk] airport horror

During Feb. I went to sweden, my ruck sack (taken on as hand luggage), had glucose meter, insulin pens, syringes, insulin, all the bits and bobs i needed for a week and half.

It was x-rayed at Stansted and I went through absolutely fine. No problem. As I also *DIDN'T* have a doctors note.

Whilst in Sweden I got my pump,  + 6 months of supplies, infusion sets, fillable ampules, big nasty sharp spikey IV style needles for filling the ampules. lots of batteries !!!!
I had securely packaged the infusion sets and ampules in a nice strong cardboard box with loads of parcel tape. I put my address onthe side incase it got lost, and wrote FRAGILE all over it.
At the airport (Vasteras (Stockholm)), which is a TINY aiport. I checked in my luggage and the fragile box  and I had to sign a form etc as it was being put in as a fragile item, more care is taken for these items apparently!!!! My rucksack, on as hand luggage again, had needles, syringes , batteries, infusion sets etc in it.  . that was x-rayed  ... no problems.
(I got a doctors note while in Sweden, just in case.)
I was metal detected as well, my pump, Disetronic H-TRON v100, was not picked up.

So they didn't notice any thing in sweden or else they recognised what it was ... all the people AND security staff were very friendly and helpful.

But when i got to Stansted..... my FRAGILE item was not at the collection point for fragile items, it came out on the conveyor, nicely squashed and thrown about. Nothing was damaged thankfully.

The flights were with RyanAir, it was nice as there's no on-board food, you take your own. so i had some nice tasty sandwiches.
But i'd be careful with the "Servis Air" luggage handling IDIOTs in the UK. if you do put anything in luggage or in the hold.

blimey, sorry for the rant... ;)


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On 07/04/2002 at 23:23 Abigail King wrote:

>this is shocking
>Did they want to put your things in the hold, or in the cabin? ( the former
>being even worse)
>Diab UK actually state on the website that some airlines may want to remove
>medication from you for safekeeping and store it in the cabin. ( why should
>someone with DM be seen as a threat to security?, and even this step could
>lead to problems as there is obviously a slight risk of them not being
>Surely security staff could have telephoned your GP/ consultant if they
>that concerned
>It's time people started using a little common sense
>I think it's always worth being open and ringing the airline before,
>out exactley what they require
>I recently flew from Swansea to Dublin with a local airline ( some
>I explained my situation as I booked the flight and initially they
>to fob me off by telling me surely it would be OK to put it in the hold as
>couldn't need access to medication in the space of an hour. I explained
>about the problems I would encounter if it got lost, or the insulin was
>They then stepped down and said I could take it on board if I had a letter
>from my GP and identification stating that I am a doctor!! Does this mean
>that if you are not a doctor and have a medical condition you have to risk
>losing or damaging your medication??
>I got to the airport and all luggage is searched by hand as they do not
>an x ray machine!!
>However, hand luggage was not routinely searched . Doh!
>I set off the metal detector with my pump( glad to realise I'm not the only
>one who does this!) so my hand luggage was searched. I was asked for the
>letter but was not asked for further id
>I was glad I had kept it with me as the baggage reclaim in Dublin Airport
>huge. must be massive potential for things to go missing!
>The safety of people with medical conditions should surely be paramount.
>be interested to hear of anyone attacking fellow passengers with a
>glucometer or stashing explosives in an insulin bottle. Yeah I suppose
>anything can happen but airlines seem to be cracking down on people just to
>be seen to be doing their job. Was there not a story of someone who hid
>type of explosive in their shoes last December and managed to board a plane
>Did you encounter any problems getting your supplies back Pat?
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help SUPPORT Insulin Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml