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Re: [IPk] gum problems


I was diagnosed with mild periodontal disease last summer.  I could have been
diagnosed at least 6 months earlier, according to the dentist who caught it
(not the dentist I'd seen previously).  Periodontal disease and other oral
health problems are definitely to be watched for when one has diabetes,
whether type 1 or type 2.  I once heard that many dentists are responsible for
diagnosing type 2s (sorry, can't recall where that came from).

If I were you, I would start by making an inquiry with the health service of
academic institution with which you are affiliated here (are you at one of the
colleges of the University of London?) and ask if they usually refer students
to a particular dentist.  I would then phone that practice and explain my
situation (the symptoms _and_ the diabetes) and ask if the practice is likely
to be able to help.  If not, I would ask someone in that practice for the
names and numbers of specialists.  Another route might be to phone Diabetes UK
and ask if anyone can recommend a good dentist in London.   Yet one more
option might be to contact a diabetologist's office and explain that you need
a good dentist, pronto, and see if the diabetologist's office can be of any

Good luck!!!

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