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[IPk] Airport horror

Dear All,

Just back from a very enjoyable Science Fiction con (where I failed to
hook up with a fellow pumper), and had a completely horrible time flying
back which I hold up as a story of caution.

The con. was on Jersey, and afterwards we flew to Guernsey.  On the
flight back from Guernsey, the 'sharp objects caution' sign was worded
slightly differently, and said hypodermics needles should be declared
(rather than, as normal, saying that they were acceptable).  So like an
idiot, I declared ... and was asked for my doctor's letter.  I explained
that wasn't necessary, and offered to show my personally prescribed
insulin.  They insisted on taking the syringe _and_ the meter (I keep
the spare insulin and syringe, along with a lot of other guff in a
little bag, and they insisted that 'as it all belongs together' all of
it needed to be locked up during the flight.  I got very, very, upset,
and started on the most innocuous thing in the bag (the card which
explains how to use the meter), and asked was it safe to take that on
board the plane? Yes it was, so I put it in my back pack. Then the
insulin bottle.  He didn't like this tactic at all, and it brewed up
into a full scale row, and I was _this_ close to having to get a ferry

The result: he did not properly search my bag at all, and I actually got
onto the plane with a spare infusion set still in it!

What a difference to Jersey, a few days before, where the X-ray machine
spotted that I'd forgotten to take the corkscrew out of my bag, and it
was properly searched.  The security guard there was very sympathetic
about my diabetes, and not at all bothered by presence of syringes and
infusion sets (he treated me as a slightly forgetful human being, not
something which should have been killed at birth).  On the inter-island
flight, the aircraft was an Islander - the smallest thing I've ever been
in, and a great (if noisy) ride!  On this flight I had my knees pressed
into the pilot's back!  

Oh, and Guernsey is the one airport I've been through since September
11th where the pump hasn't been detected (Amsterdam, Barcelona,
Brussels, Gatwick, Heathrow and Jersey all detected the pump, and at all
I was treated with courtesy and consideration).

The security guards at Guernsey are clearly inadequately trained in the
assessment of threat, and for that reason I will never fly from that
airport, or on an aircraft which has come from that airport
(particularly worrying - the flight went on from Gatwick to Belfast!). 

On a happier notes, I'm a few days off the first anniversary now, and my
meter average has fallen from 12 to 7.5.  It could be better!

Best wishes to all

(who is going to make sure she has two meters in her hand luggage from
now on!)
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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