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[IPk] 12:30 Sunday Afternoon

Just got you e-mail and was gladly received.

I was pleased to hear that all is well over there regards the problem
between Palestine/Israel , and you are keeping safe.

And you are still swimming what do you look like now have you grown you hare
back ?

Good to see Graeme is still out making money for you both, hope he dose like

I can not remember if I told you about my pump, most lightly I didn't.

A few years ago18 in fact, I lost one of my kidneys, you should remember.

Well last year the hospital told me, because of my diabetes the other kidney
was starting to show signs of detractions, so I sent a letter to the Head of
the diabetic department asking for more help and why.

I got a letter back from him asking me to come and see him, and I did after
a lot of cavitations and on the second visit with him he told me about what
he thought I may do, and he showed me this pump, an insulin pump.

Records in the U.S.A. have shown that diabetic's that use them are getting
much better control or even normal control of there sugars.

The problem was that it is not on the National Health and if I wanted to try
it I would need to buy it myself, so I took the papers away with me with the
web address, I looked in to it and I joined an e-mail site called
email @ redacted this was the way I found out about the pump, it's
a way that pumper's can communicate with each other about all sorts of
things the good and the bad (problems) and after three days I decided to go
and get one.

The cost of the pump was #2500.00 with a running cost of #50.00 a mouth.

So I went to the theatre and asked for a loan and after two or three days
Barry came back to me and said that they will not give me a loan.

He said they want to buy it for you, I was so pleased.

Now I have been on the pump it's called a MiniMed 508 for 26 weeks, and
after the training and the running/starting problems, It has changed my life

Yes I do sometime get high sugar's but that is because I have not given the
right mount of meal insulin, but now I am getting readings just like the non
diabetic people.

One wears the pump on you all the time 24/7 in a body belt or a little
pocket that clips on to a belt, I use the body belt mostly it's out of site
and it's safe in side the cloths.

Others who have been around me have told me that my appearance has changed
for the better and I need all the help in that airier all the time.

I also got a letter from the Kidney Doctor after some blood test after being
on the pump 5 mouth and he told me that it looks good, the detractions of
the kidney has slowed down a lot and he is very happy, so I am going to be
around for longer then I thought a year ago.

So I take note's of all my readings so I can keep myself and the other
people on the e-mail site.

The world of the theatre has changed a lot since you worked there I myself
have got a lot involved with the business side of staff control (if that is
the right word to use) and this is hard for all of us now we find that we
have to think of what we are saying all the time, and make note of all the
relevant conversations's that we have it blows my mind but we are all
working together with it.

That's life.

Any way that enough for you now, I am going to do some cleaning or sit down
and watch the TV.

So have fun work hard get rich.

All my love Donald

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