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Re: [IPk] working out units needed

Just to complement Gaye's post:

You may in fact need less insulin than 1u per 10g CHO, but 1u per 10g CHO
sounds to me like a reasonable starting point for a full-grown adult.  Second,
the higher in fat a meal is, the more insulin will probably be required.  When
I eat a really, really indulgent dinner, I find that bolusing 1u per 10g CHO
(my normal ratio is 1u per 13g CHO)--and then checking my bg and bolusing (if
necessary) every 1.5 hours or so until I go to bed--works well for me.  If I
were better at gauging my response to high-fat meals, I might be able to use
the dual bolus option on my pump instead; as it is, I'm okay with

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