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[IPk] working out units needed


I'm sure this might sound pretty stupid.

I've never been taught/shown/known anything about how to work out how many units of insulin I need to a particular amount of carbohydrate.

Should I have been taught this? Should it be something so stupidly simple I can work it out for myself? How do I this?

I've been on the pump for about a month and half now, but I feel that my lack of knowledge and understanding are going to hinder my progress with the pump which has been absolutely fantastic so far.
I managed, with the pump, to bring down my hba1c from 11.x -> 8 in 4weeks.

I suppose I should look at the labels on food i eat etc...
sometimes when I eat food, i'll write down what i've eaten, test before and about an hour after.
but this is for stuff like sandwiches, fruit, etc. what do I do with higher fat stuff?
also how do I use the square wave boluses? i ate pasta last night (and bolussed) , my bg was 12 when went to bed . i took 6 units to compensate. woke up this morning ... and it was still 12 :(.

I've also found I can't eat fish and chips :(
i've had them once since being on the pump and I felt sooooooo ill i haven't eaten any since.
I had a bag of chips at the week end, i needed a take a huge bolus, and then they kept at high 9-10 for about 4 hours afterwards
i suppose knowing about the square wave thingy will help this aswell.

I'd like to understand all this to make my control better.

thanks, Liam
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