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Re: [IPk] Pump progression

Hi Louis -

Before I was on a pump, I too had to eat carb before I went to bed to stop
myself going hypo during the night. Par for the course on injections. Once
I started pumping and got my basals right, this was unnecessary. I mean,
should I bolus for that pre-bed bowl of cereal? And should I set my alarm
for 4am to check that the carbs and insulin have cancelled each other out?
All a bit excessive perhaps... But the trouble is old habits die hard. I
just forced myself to respond to my appetite, and not to habit. I now find
my most reliable waking BGs come when I eat nothing pre-bed, and that's a
very strong motivator for me.

Don't forget that your carb/insulin ratio can be different at different
times of the day. Talk it over with your doctor, but don't stick slavishly
to one fixed ratio for all meals.

>- Does anyone know of any snacks that are low in carbohydrate but quite
>filling that I could eat before bed time (perhaps fruit salad?) that will
>not make my BG shoot up during the night???

Not low in carb, but ice cream is reputed to be absorbed very slowly.
Excellent if you're on injections. But not necessary on a pump.

>- do you use the square wave/extended bolus often??  I use it for
>larger/fattier meals in the evening, splitting the bolus dose in half tho am
>not convinced by its success yet.

Personally I never use the squarewave bolus on my 507. But that's just me.
I might take a few more units an hour or two later if necessary.

>- do you believe that spacing meals out will improve BG control??   I tend
>to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner all between 11am and 11pm.

Maybe yes, maybe no. In theory it doesn't matter when you eat. But in
practice my body responds well to regular patterns. I also find lowish carb
meals give me better BGs in general.

Good luck :-)


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