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Re: [IPk] Swollen Joints


I'm not diabetic - I have problems with my joints (hands, knees).  My
sister is diabetic and she has problems with her joints too.
Coincidence?? (son of 12 diabetic - no mention of joint pain as yet).


In message <email @ redacted>,
Smith, Beverley <email @ redacted> writes
>Does anyone else on the list have a problem with swollen
>joints?  My sister (non-diabetic and 35 years old) has had a
>form of Arthritis for the past 10 years which has left her
>doctors baffled (I would think time for a new doctor but my
>sister is not the second-opinion type) and her debilitated.
>My joints are now starting to give me pain and I am 36.  I am
>finally going to go and see my GP (I fear the diagnosis hence
>I haven't been before) but I just wondered if anyone else has
>any similar experience.  I know auto-immune conditions can
>run in families but can one person get two?  I have problems
>with my fingers (difficult to bend, painful), elbows, knees
>and toes.  The knee and toe problems usually occur during the
>night after I have been running (no pain or stiffness when I
>run at all)and leave me in agony and limping heavily the next
>day.  The finger and elbow problems are present most of the
>time.  Could it just be coincidence that I have similar
>symptoms to my sister?  Could it be an allergy (or
>intolerance).  Could I be allergic to plastic tube from the
>pump or is that clutching at straws (or canulas in this
>Having written about the problem I do wonder why I haven't
>been to see my doctor before but it is funny how problems
>slowly creep up on you.   
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Alison Orchard
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