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[IPk] Pump progression

Hello all,

just thought I'd drop a line to touch base, having completed two months on 
my Disetronic pump (with Humalog).

I have been able to stabilise my blood sugars considerably with the pump, 
and my BG's seem to fluctuate more slowly and within a smaller range, 
compared to pre-pump -  using Insulatard/Novorapid mix. I am hoping that my 
HbA1c will lower from 8 in a couple of months time.

I am carbohydrate counting using an insulin ratio of 10g/1u Humalog, 
although I am sure that I need more insulin per 10g carbohydrate for 

My problems still remains with not being able to control when/how much I eat 
(tho what I eat is actually "healthy" food) and also my sleeping pattern, 
which obviously interferes with my diabetic control, as I sleep late/rise 
late, and my meals are all pushed forward.

Specific questions for you experienced people as follows:

- Does anyone know of any snacks that are low in carbohydrate but quite 
filling that I could eat before bed time (perhaps fruit salad?) that will 
not make my BG shoot up during the night???

(currently I am used to going to bed on a full stomach - maybe three peices 
of granary toast, and digesting this is preventing me from sleeping)

- do you use the square wave/extended bolus often??  I use it for 
larger/fattier meals in the evening, splitting the bolus dose in half tho am 
not convinced by its success yet.

- do you believe that spacing meals out will improve BG control??   I tend 
to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner all between 11am and 11pm.

Although I am 23, lean, and take lots of exercise (sorry this is not a 
lonely hearts ad) I am worried that I am eating far too much and am eating 
for comfort and not necessity.

Any comments/thougths much appreciated.

Regards............  Louis


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