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Re: Wheat free diet WAS Re: [IPk] Ouch!

>I am glad that you feel better on a wheat free diet but what sort of
>bread/pasta/pastry/cake do you eat now?  Do you have to have that rice/potato
>flour bread etc or do you do without?  I also wondered how you managed to
>avoid wheat in ready made food or when you go shopping or out to eat we have a
>comprehensive list of foods that have wheat in and it is vast.

In truth, Jackie, we are a great home-cooking household. Sorry - that
sounds horribly snobbish :-) I now use rye flour in cooking rather than
wheat flour. You need a little more and it's not quite as tough, but the
results are great. A beef casserole, say, with rye flour, carrots and
onions and an Oxo cube + baked potatoes and boiled brocolli. Scrummy. I'm
still extremely fond of my rice puddings. And of course Crunchie Nut
Cornflakes for breakfast. And I would have Ryvita with a cold
meat/cheese/salad type lunch. For pies, we use rye flour/maize flour 50/50.
If you use it immediately, it can be rather fragile, but leave it to rest
for 24 hours it becomes very flexible. I've never been a great cake fan,
but fruitcake with rye/maize flour mix tastes great.

Zoe - I'd never thought of iritable bowel syndrome. I guess that's just a
name, and if I've stumbled across a way of managing it, then that's fine.


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