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Wheat free diet WAS Re: [IPk] Ouch!

Hi John

I am glad that you feel better on a wheat free diet but what sort of
bread/pasta/pastry/cake do you eat now?  Do you have to have that rice/potato
flour bread etc or do you do without?  I also wondered how you managed to
avoid wheat in ready made food or when you go shopping or out to eat we have a
comprehensive list of foods that have wheat in and it is vast.  There are so
many things with wheat in that it is terribly restrictive. Even some sweets
like Smarties and Mars bars have wheat in them. Most of the ready made foods
soups, sauces and gravies have wheat in.  Just curious to know what you do
eat??  Maybe in is only when you eat a quantity of it it effects you?  In some
countries they do not have to include ingredients on the pkts if the quantity
is only a tiny amount apparently.

If you have a blood test and you have been avoiding wheat the blood test may
not show up allergies.  I suppose an intolerance  to wheat rather than an
allergy may not show up either.  Odd isn't it.  I mean I wonder if they did
skin tests on the twins what would show up?  I suppose it only in the gut it
has an effect.

The twins actually do eat wheat but it is specially prepared to a high
standard Codex wheat with the gluten removed.  This means that although the
taste of some of the food is closer than, say, bread made with potato and rice
flour it still isn't like the texture of "real" bread.  It still smells funny.
The ready made GF cakes we buy are usually made with rice and potato flour
and have usually had too much sugar added to disguise the taste.  There is
something odd about a sweet item smelling of potato.  Still the twin are young
enough to get used to it.


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> >I love my pump, but I wish it had a built-in carb estimator! My insulin
> >_did not_ match my lasagne. My brain hurts!
> I'm coming up to celebrating 6 months of my wheat-free diet. (I'm not
> coeliac, and according to the blood test my consultant did I have no wheat
> allergy, but I know I feel much better eating no wheat, so I don't.)
> Anyhow, last week I started eating the wheat based currant-loaf my wife has
> started buying. It's delicious, and my 2-year-old son loves it. And guess
> what? Everything immediately went wrong - or to be more specific, my
> "regular bowel habits" ceased. So I went back to strictly wheat-free, and
> everything is fine again. Sort of reassuring :-)
> John
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