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Re: [IPk] Ouch!

>I love my pump, but I wish it had a built-in carb estimator! My insulin dose
>_did not_ match my lasagne. My brain hurts!

I'm coming up to celebrating 6 months of my wheat-free diet. (I'm not
coeliac, and according to the blood test my consultant did I have no wheat
allergy, but I know I feel much better eating no wheat, so I don't.)

Anyhow, last week I started eating the wheat based currant-loaf my wife has
started buying. It's delicious, and my 2-year-old son loves it. And guess
what? Everything immediately went wrong - or to be more specific, my
"regular bowel habits" ceased. So I went back to strictly wheat-free, and
everything is fine again. Sort of reassuring :-)


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