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Re: [IPk] Bank Holidat Monday

Hi Donald

> Thank God for that I started to think you were one of them people that have
> servants to do the shopping for you.

no, I quite like shopping, but only when I'm in the right mood. I have been 
eating all kinds of strange food for the last couple of weeks because I 
haven't had time to go to the supermarket (my local one cloases at 7pm in the 
university holidays because there are mostly students in the area and they 
all go home).  I had turkey mince, frozen mized veg and onion rings for 
dinner last night because it was about all I had to make a meal with!

> Mind you I have only been able to get out to a carpet shop to look through
> there selection's of unbelievable colours and after 2 hours walking round
> the shop and going out to the cafe next door for a coffee to think about
> the colour and cost, I finally picked one (yellow ) don't laugh.

 A yellow carpet? Sounds interesting! I have painted my kitchen yellow, and 
my spare room / office a kind of organgey yellow which sounds weird but looks 
 fantastic. only now I have to repalce the purple blinds because they don't 
go any more!

> Now I have to wait till Saturday the 13th for them to lay it, I can not lay
> carpet's.

Yes, I am getting someone to lay my carpets - handily the father of one of 
the secretaries at work is a carpet fitter.

> Regarding you sugar level's at night, dose your basal rates need looking
> at, I presume you did not snack last thing.

I don't think the basals are wrong, because normally I have no problem. I 
suspect that it was just some combination of factors (like a wrong bolus for 
dinner, and the effects of not having had much sleep in the last few days, 
and having a bath straight after dinner) that all contributed to the high BG. 
It has been fine ever since anyway.
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