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Re: [IPk] Bank Holidat Monday

>When Sasha ate extra chocolate I went back to using Actrapid injected at the
>same time as she ate this seemed to work out OK.  We use Novorapid mostly now.
>I did once make the mistake last year when she wanted an ice-cream one hot day
>after school and her bg was a little on the high side. I gave some Actrapid
>and made her wait a 30 minutes, big  mistake!!! Of course the insulin got
>there first.

Yes - ice cream is a tricky one. Despite being delicious and sweet, it is
typically digested very slowly because of the fat. Some like to use it as a
bedtime snack since it will be released throughout the night, and prevent
hypos. Thankfully on a pump you can just cut the basal rate instead...


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