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Re: [IPk] thoughts on pumping vs. MDI

You were diagnosed fairly recently weren't you elizabeth? Like within the
last 5 years...

It's worth remembering that you don't go to bed one night without Type 1
diabetes, and wake up the next with it. Various a lot from person to
person, but the destruction of the insulin producing beta cells can be a
long drawn out process over many years. Even if you have had a "honeymoon"
period after diagnosis (where some people can sometimes come back off
insulin for a short time) your body may still be producing small amounts of
insulin for several years.

What I'm getting on to saying is that even as you've been changing your
treatment methods, your actual diabetes may have been changing as well, so
your diabetes may just have been getting harder to control, no matter how
you were treating it and no matter what your lifestyle.

But I do accept that some people try pump therapy, and it doesn't work for
them for what ever reason, and they don't like it. That is why pump
suppliers will usually give you a one month no-fault free trial (some
doctors even negotiate a 3 month free trial as one month may not be long
enough to get really settled in). Others try a pump and it revolutionises
their life and diabetes control. That was me.


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