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[IPk] Re: nighttime basals

>Lastly (sorry) does anyone have any thoughts on my puzzling morning readings
>? If I go to bed slightly high (bg 9-11) then I wake up with a similar
>result. However if I go to bed on a good bg (4-7) then I wake up anywhere
>between 12 and 20! Of course I have considered night time hypos and rebound
>sugars but whenever I test in the middle of the night I never seem to be low
>at all. If hypos were to blame what should I be doing to solve the problem?
>(Sylvia has raised the morning basals a tiny bit but the problem remains).

I would put my money on your having a sudden hypo in the night, but I am
not your doctor and this is not medical advice :-)

Take a look at this page: (US units have been used. Divide by 18 to get UK


Mary Jean used the MiniMed continuous glucose monitor. On the first night
her bg suddenly dropped from about 8.3 to 2.7 in 30 minutes, between 3:30am
and 4am. She slept right through it, and it soon bounced back.

If you look at the 2nd graph on the page, and imagine taking just one test
in the middle of the night, the chance of finding that nighttime hypo is
still very small. This is a fundemental weakness in the concept of doing 2
tests, and thinking your bg moved steadily from one to the other, without
doing something funny in between.

One possible solution might be to reduce the basal rate earlier in the
night, but increase it by a similar amount later in the night.


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