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[IPk] Re: nighttime basals

> Lastly (sorry) does anyone have any thoughts on my puzzling morning readings
> ? If I go to bed slightly high (bg 9-11) then I wake up with a similar
> result. However if I go to bed on a good bg (4-7) then I wake up anywhere
> between 12 and 20! Of course I have considered night time hypos and rebound
> sugars but whenever I test in the middle of the night I never seem to be low
> at all. If hypos were to blame what should I be doing to solve the problem?
> (Sylvia has raised the morning basals a tiny bit but the problem remains).

Hi Zoe
Nighttime basals can be a nightmare to get right. 
One thing you might not have thought of - have you considered WHY your BG is
high (or normal) when you go to bed, and do you know WHICH WAY it is heading?
This might offer some clues. For example, you might be high at bedtime because
your BG is still spiking after dinner, and is actually on it way down again.
Similarly, when your BG is normal, it might be heading on its way up (e.g. if
you ate a lot of protein with your dinner, that might be causing a delayed
rise). Knowing not only what your BG is, but which way it is going, can often
help solve those tricky "why did it do that?" problems.
Even better, get yourself on a 24 hour glucose sensor for 3 days and see exactly
what's going on :-)
I'm hoping that will shed light on my nighttime BG problems.
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