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No Subject

Thanks Liz

Firstly - is it possible to have a trial with the other company and still go
back to a Disetronic? I haven't spoken to them about this yet but I really
don't feel ready to commit but feel like it may be snatched away from me
forever if I don't! I'm sure they won't let me go on holiday next month
having not decided either way, although for me the holiday would be the
ultimate test of whether or not it was doing a good job.

Secondly, I agree that bg is affected by so many things and we can never
control it fully but (being a perfectionist) I feel like it's all or
nothing, I either test 10 times a day and try and get it right (in which
case a bg of 11 would be a disappointment) or go back into denial and never
test at all. Have you been on your pump for a few years  and how often do
you test now?

Lastly (sorry) does anyone have any thoughts on my puzzling morning readings
? If I go to bed slightly high (bg 9-11) then I wake up with a similar
result. However if I go to bed on a good bg (4-7) then I wake up anywhere
between 12 and 20! Of course I have considered night time hypos and rebound
sugars but whenever I test in the middle of the night I never seem to be low
at all. If hypos were to blame what should I be doing to solve the problem?
(Sylvia has raised the morning basals a tiny bit but the problem remains).

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Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 9:48 AM
Subject: [IPk] thoughts on pumping vs. MDI

> Zoe asked about people choosing not to pump, and I've been thinking about
> the 'why' of pumping over the weekend, and why I've stuck to a pump.
> This is something that's been at the back of my mind for a while, because
> know that my BGs are not as good as they were on MDI in 1998 (after I
> out my long-acting insulin schedule). There's a number of reasons for
> I worked (picking mushrooms or doing secretarial work) for anywhere from
> 10 - 30 hours a week. I ate a more restricted (and healthier) diet. I was
> always home for tea and I weighed my portions out exactly. Every night
> before I went to bed I did a bit of math and predicted where my BGs would
> when I woke up - that's part of how I sorted out my background insulin. I
> was spending a lot of time managing my diabetes, and a BG of 11 was not
> common and a cause for disappointment.
> Now, I work a job that's officially 37.5 hours a week, plus commuting up
> 10 hours a week. I'm doing a course on which the recommended weekly study
> time is 15-20 hours. I live in a big filthy city rather than just off the
> main road of a provincial town. Overall, I have a lot more
> outside myself than I did then. The trade off, unfortunately, has been
> time to pay attention to diabetes. A BG of 11 is fairly common and
> that I deal with as an aside to whatever else I happen to be doing.
> If I had a very restricted diet, I could probably still do well on MDI.
> However, on the same diet I would do a lot better on a pump because a pump
> maintains more level overnight BGs for me than injections did.
> Unfortunately, I give in easily to temptation and I've always been a
> eater/entertainment eater. This militates against good BGs, especially
> I'm stressed or very tired. I do think a lot of people can get good
> on MDI, but I think it probably takes a lot of work. I also think it's
> probably influenced by how long you've had diabetes, what control was
> achieved on previous insulin regimes (one shot a day, anyone?)and lots of
> other factors, such as inheritance, that we don't have control over.
> I would be loathe to go back to MDI in my present situation for one
> I wouldn't be able to turn my basal insulin off or down for exercise.
> hugely important to me, even though I mess it up a lot anyway. That gives
> the freedom to not eat or to eat less before I'm exercising. There are
> when I don't want to eat! Might I have a life again where I would do well
> MDI? I hope so - that's what I'm working toward. But I fully intend
> my pump then and having normal BGs 90% of the time. Unfotuntately, I've
> another three years, most probably, before I get there! So meanwhile, I
> in there and don't pay enough attention to my diabetes.
> So, Zoe, I think if you decide you can do as well on injections as you can
> on a pump, that that's absolutely brilliant if that's what you want to do.
> pump isn't for everyone, so you shouldn't feel like something's wrong if
> decide against it. If you think you might still like a pump, you might
> to try a trial from the other pump manufacturer that supplies in the UK.
> Just make sure you make the right decision for yourself.
> elizabeth
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