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[IPk] Pump Baby


I haven't been in contact with the mailing list for
some time as I have been without an internet
connections since starting maternity leave from my
work in March.
We have finally got ourselves connected at home so I
can pass on my good news to everyone. On April 23rd I
gave birth to a healthy beautful baby girl called Anna
weighing in at 8lb 11oz (ouch!). I used an insulin
pump througout my pregnancy and the labour and am
delighted to say that my control was brilliant thanks
to the pump. In my previous pregnancy over 3 years ago
my HbA1c was about the same as this one but I feel
that over all this pretgnancy was better. It was much
easier to obtain tight control during the labour and I
managed to deliver her wihtou any interventional. Anna
arrived a little distressed but this was not due to my
BMs but rather due to the fact that she has very wide
shouders and once her head appeared she got a bit
stuck(I will spare you the details but needless to say
it was very painful....)

I was delighted that Anna required no special care and
stayed beside me during my stay in hospital. She had
regular BMs done for the fisrt 3 days as she was
slightly hypo but once these were settled by top up
feeds with formula she was happy on breast milk alone.
 This is very different to my previous expericne where
my son was taken to Special Care after birth for 5
days and was attached to a glucose drip due to low
blood glucose levels. I an convinced that my happier
experience this time is due to the improved control
afforded by pump.

Anna and I have bonded very well and the pump rarely
gets in the way. Sjhe occassionally gets her hasnd
caught in the tubing during feeding but hasn't managed
to pull the set out. I reduced my basal levels as soon
as she was born to my pre-pregnancy levels. My BMs
were perfect for the first 3-4 days. Once my milk came
in I had to reduce them all by 0.1 and so far things
are pretty stable.

If anyone else is going through pregnancy with a pump
and would like to get in touch feel free to email me.
I will try and connect to the site whenever possibile
although that might not be very often as I don't
exactly have a lot of spare time on my hands at the


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