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Re: [IPk] Insertion sets


Before I got my pump I had to do the saline thing for several days.  It was
awkward but I adjusted.  I was afraid of breaking the pump because I knew what
it was worth.  After I dropped it on concrete and it was fine, I got over
that.  I had to fill the reservoir with saline myself; that was stressful but
with time I have almost perfected a bubble-free insulin draw.  Figuring out
where to clip the pump when I got dressed was a challenge--if you can't sort
it out during your trial, don't get stressed.  That comes with time.  Having
it attached to me most of the time bothered me at first, but I got used to it.
I think the yo-yo experiment suggestion on the Insulin Pumpers site looks
helpful too.  Since your time with the actual pump will be limited and you
might have a few weeks between the trial and getting your pump, it might be
worth "practicing" a bit with a yo-yo in the interim.


IDDM 7 years; MiniMed pumper 5 years
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