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[IPk] Re: sites

Just wanted to say thanks to those people who answered my email about
sites and basal rate adjustments with words of wisdom and general

I did try a site above the waist over my ribcage, and it was the first
time for ages that it was not painful to insert the site, and it showed
no irritation whatsoever until after 72 hours - I left it another 24
hours with just a little redness appearing (until the recent
difficulties I had been able to keep sets going for 6-7 days, so
mentally that is still my norm).  This evening changed it again for
another above-the-waist site, again easy insertion - thank goodness. 
Now I just wonder how long I will have to give the below-the-waist
scaar tissue to recover.

About patterns and changing basal rates - I record it all - have
entered all my blood glucose values since the start of time (that's
what it feels like - the world before and after diagnosis - 3 and a
half years ago) on an excel spreadsheet (not a scientist for nothing!),
and calculate all sorts of interesting things, tailored to how I want
to look at the data - means and standard deviations and median values
of early morning, pre-lunch, pre-supper, late night readings, for every
week, and for every 4 weeks, percentages of the number of readings
which fall within what I consider to be an ok range, a good range, and
a very good range, etc etc.  I add extra features from time to time as
I think of them.  I have also set things up to plot graphs of some of
these things - as a scientist, it has been my experience that sometimes
graphs inform you of things which any amount of staring at the numbers
somehow doesnt tell you.  It's not complicated either - anyone who
wants to try this, and would like help with some of the more
'scientific' features of excel is welcome to email me.

But John, I hope you were joking - I don't imagine I would ever trust a
computer program to work out based on the previous data, what I should
do next - I believe there are way too many complications - no computer
program could second guess all the physiological variables.  In my
opinion the great thing about the pump is not so much that it enables
you to be 'right' all the time (though it can help you get much closer
to that), but that it enables you to correct problems fast at the push
of a button when they are not right.

thanks again

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