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Re: [IPk] Re: sites

Hi Zoe,

     I've normally managed to keep tenders in for a full cartridge which is
normally 4-7 days depending on how much I have bolused over the days, I only
had a problem once which I mentioned back in Jan I had an abcess removed
from an infected site, but the canula was only in three days.
     As for discomfort I've found the tenders the easiest the rapids felt
like a drawing pin in my side all the time, I do ocasionally get a little
bit of discomfort but only doing something out of the ordinary.
     As for is the pump right for you thats your personal choice and only
you can decide for myself I've had very servere problems and have nearly
died through DKA since being on the pump I have not had one admission
although my control is not as good as everyone expected its vastly improved,
you have to weigh up all the pro's and cons but yours not anyone else's and
then decide, I never use to mind the injections but I find the pump more
     Phone John or Estelle at Disetronic and tell them your worries about
time limits you might find this is causing you to doubt the pump.

Best Regards

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