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Re: [IPk] Absolute Beginner!

>Since my 16 year old son was recently diagnosed as Type 1, I have been
>trying to find out the best way forward, and the pump seemed a very good
>idea - BUT - reading some of your exchanges it all seems incredibly
>complicated.  Is it very difficult to programme and keep making all the
>changes that seem necessary? And do you have to weigh out everything you
>eat.  And on the subject of food - can you really eat whatever you like,
>or can you still not eat stuff with sugar? What about exercise - he does a
>variety of things ranging from an hour or so at the gym to almost all day
>at cricket (would he have to fiddle with the programmer mid-field!)
>Any info. gratefully received. (At the moment he is on 4 injections a day)
>Linda Hine (I hope I have sent this correctly and not messed up the entire

Linda - you wrote a few days ago, and some others have responded, but I
just wanted to add a few thoughts.

Pump therapy is different from the multiple-daily-injections that your son
is on in that it gives you the potential for much finer tighter control.
But your son will probably have to take more responsibility for his
diabetes. The result is that most people end up taking a greater interest,
and finding and solving problems that they had never noticed before. That
is why there has been some complex discussion lately :-)

No, a pump is not difficult to program - certainly not for a 16 year old
boy. Food: in the beginning it's a good idea to weigh things, or look on
the packet, since your meal insulin will be proportional to the carb you
are eating. But soon you get the hang of it, and can see how much carb is
in a plate of food just by looking at it. Yes, you can more or less eat
what you like, provided you blood sugar is ok, and within the general
bounds of a "heathy diet". More importantly, you can skip meals without
having a hypo.

If you haven't already, I certainly suggest you contact Disetronic (02476
531 338) and MiniMed/AMT (01223 420 415) who can send you information
packs. If you like what you read, ask to talk it over with your diabetes
specialist, but make sure your diabetes specialist has the same info as


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