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Re: [IPk] changes in basal rates

> Thankyou for clearing this up! I have been struggling to get my
> boluses right before meals. My rep at Disetronic insists that I
> should always bolus 1 unit for every 15g of CHO and won't accept
> when I tell her it doesn't work - I too seem to need a larger bolus
> at lunchtime for the same amount (eg 2 slices of bread) that I had
> for breakfast and it has been puzzling me, I assumed that my basal
> rates were wrong.

There is a great deal of variation of the carb/insulin ratio from 
individual to individual. For the 600 or so people that have 
voluntarily submitted data to the Insulin Pumpers survey, the 
distribution of C/I ratios is shown at:


The Insulin Pumpers HOWTO pages has information on how to measure 
this ratio although adjustments can be made to it by reviewing your 
food/insulin log books and including all the correction information 
for lows and highs.

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