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RE: [IPk] Re: morning basals and highs

Ah ha. I used ultralente, which is the Eli Lily comparable insulin, and I
sorted out my overnight hypo problems when I switched my two doses around. I
took a split dose of it because from my numbers it was apparent that I was
running out (initially, I took it before bed. It was my then-diabetes nurse
who said it looked like I was running out of steam and to take a two unit
booster in the morning.) My booster shot eventually migrated from the
morning to 3pm, and the evening shot from 11pm to 10pm. My overnight hypo
problems were corrected when I switched these two doses around, so in the
end I was injecting 12 units at 3pm and 3 units at 9pm. It meant that the
larger dose of insulin was starting to work and peaking when I most needed
it, and I got the top up to deal with the dawn phenomenon and to help me
through the day.

I suspect much of this would shock your consultant, Ingrid, but the whole
thing started off with the blessing of my original clinic (the nurse there
was brilliant). The lesson of it is, however, that something as major as an
insulin change might not be necessary: a few tweaks might help.  And, have
you read the book _Stop the Rollercoaster_? It's a US publication, so
converting from mg/dl to mmol/L might be a hassle, but the core message is
about being able to adjust your dosages - including long acting insulin.
It's also good practice for being on a pump!

If you want to know any more about my experience doing this, please feel
free to mail me off list.


>I am on ultratard, and I know this doesn't agree with a lot of people.  I
discussed changing to another long acting with the dr the other day, but he
said that given my control is pretty good he didn't want to change anything.

Doesn't help me much getting out of bed though!
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