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Re: [IPk] Re: morning basals and highs

> I cut my overnight basal (midnight-10am) last night from 0.8 to 0.7. The
> previous night I had gone low - one of those long gentle hypos where I wake
> up with nasty headache, except this time round I ended up vomitting as
> well. My waking bg was 3.0.

ooh, sounds nasty. I remember a period where I felt desperately sick every
morning when I woke up. Fine once I'd had some breakfast.  No, I wasn't pregnant
:-) I often feel nauseous when I'm low, but for some reason it never occurred
to me that the cause might have been from being low in the night.

 > Wasn't sure if I'd misbolused before going to bed, or
whether the sudden > change of weather had altered my requirements: spring
suddenly arrived 2 > days ago, after weeks of cold wet and orrible weather.
Anyhow, the small > reduction seems to have fixed it - woke at 5.4 this
morning. After a bad > hypo it can take several days for everything to settle
back to "normal" so > I'll keep my fingers crossed!

The weather seems to affect my morning BG more than at any other time. I wonder
why? I guess it's the peak time of day for hormonal activity or something....
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