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[IPk] MInimed 24 hr sensor

I've managed to get myself onto a research trial which means I can use the
Minimed 24 hr sensor. 
Apparently it's research into what happens to your heart when your BH goes low.
They give you a sensor for 3 days, and then at night you attach an ECG machine
and so has a record of your heart and BG levels throughout the night. I think
the idea is that since most people go low at night, they can record it all
without having to artificially make you hypo.
A friend of mine did a similar trial, but where they just gave him inuslin till
he went low, kept his BG at about 3mmol/l for a couple of hours and hooked him
up to an ECG monitor at the same time. I think I prefer this method!!!!
Wouldn't want to be 3 mmol/l for a couple of hours whilst I was awake!

I should be doing it next week if all goes well. Talk about Cyborgs - with a
pump, glucose sensor and ECG monitor all hooked up to me at night, I really
will be a Di-borg!!!
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