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Re: [IPk] Blood Charts and techno-utopia

On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, you wrote:
> >Had a look at your pages -  it really does bring it to life.
> >Charting all your bloods onto one gives a real view of trends.
> But does it actually help you improve control? I'm not entirely convinced.
> It makes me lazy - I sit back and say to myself don't my graphs look nice,
> without actually picking out trends and doing something about it. Perhaps
> we should set up mutual support partnerships where we agree look at each
> others results and urge each other on? I say that half seriously...

I tend NOT to chart my BGs at all - partly because I'm lazy, partly because
although I have an Esprit and WinGlucofacts, I haven't reinstalled
WinGlucofacts on my computer yet since it crashes, and partly because I don't
find it that useful.
I tend to remember where things went wrong instead. For example, I remember
that when I'm high first thing in the morning, and I take insulin to lower it,
I don't need as much insulin then as I do at other times of the day. I remember
that when it's bright and sunny outside, I tend to need less insulin. I
remember that when I'm stressed, I need more insulin. Those kind of things
can't easily be input into the chart, but they can easily be remembered.
I can remember roughly how often my BG is high in the morning, and how often
it's low. I had 2 hypos last week when I woke up, and I've been high for the
last 3 days when I woke up, after lowering my basal rate from 3-7am by 0.1

So, I'm kind of sceptical about the advantages of charting it all - in MY case.
I tend to react to imperfect control on a day by day basis rather than looking
at all my BGs over the last 3 months and trying to figure out what to change.
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