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Re: [IPk] Blood Charts and techno-utopia

>Had a look at your pages -  it really does bring it to life.
>Charting all your bloods onto one gives a real view of trends.

But does it actually help you improve control? I'm not entirely convinced.
It makes me lazy - I sit back and say to myself don't my graphs look nice,
without actually picking out trends and doing something about it. Perhaps
we should set up mutual support partnerships where we agree look at each
others results and urge each other on? I say that half seriously...

>Scuse my ignorance but was is Perl?  Is it easy to get and use?

Perl is a computer language - good for data and text crunching. It's
free/open source and widely used for behind the scenes internet stuff:
it'll run on Unix/Linux, Windows and Mac. More info at http://www.perl.org
I think.

>I chart my bloods manually on graphs - but would be keen to do it on
>a computer.  I use a Psion 5 - will look at putting something on that.

If I ever release my own program (which looks unlikely at the moment) it'll
be for Psion 5/Revo. You might want to check out
http://www.diabetesmobil.de This is diabetes software for Psion 5. A few
months ago Klaus Stahl announced he was adding pump support to the
software, but I've no idea if this version is released yet.


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