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[IPk] Blood Charts and techno-utopia


	Had a look at your pages -  it really does bring it to life.
Charting all your bloods onto one gives a real view of trends.    Scuse my
ignorance but was is Perl?  Is it easy to get and use?
	I chart my bloods manually on graphs - but would be keen to do it on
a computer.  I use a Psion 5 - will look at putting something on that.  

	Audrey Sheal

> I wrote my own software about 8 years ago to run on a Psion 3a. (My Psion
> is a pocket computer that lives with me most of the time.) It produced
> lots
> of pretty graphs etc - things like a 7-day running average gives a good
> insight into what's happening. I meant to release it publicly, but there
> were just too many small bugs, and I lost the impetous to complete the
> project. Unfortunately when I switched onto a pump 3 years ago the insulin
> side needed a complete redesign - and I haven't done that yet either!
> But I transferred the graph side of the software (it's now in Perl) to
> produce pages on my own private diabetes website at
> http://www.webshowcase.net/diabetes/archive
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