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RE: [IPk] Blood Charts and techno-utopia

The lifescan meter's program is quite good as it gives pie charts and
averages etc and is handy because I am hopeless about recording things
the only thing is I can't record my insulin dosage on the meter now I am
on the pump but my average has gone from 18-19 pre-pump to 8-9 post so I
am quite pleased not brilliant I know but getting ther !

>From: John Neale <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: RE:
[IPk] Blood Charts and techno-utopia >Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 21:11:40
+0200 > > >I agree, but I think the problem is that they rely on needing
to know so much > >information. And it's incredibly frustrating to spend
the time plugging in all > >the data. Think of all the things that have
an impact on your BG. > >Not just exercise (and even more specifically,
type, strenuosity, duration, > >fitness level, etc) and food, but stress
level, weather, time of month, which > >side of the bed you got out of
that morning, season, etc. etc. You would have > >to spend months
plugging in all this type of data in order to get something > >precise
enough out of it that made it worthwhile using. > >Well, what do you
already do with your bg data? Sniff at it and chuck it >out? If you do
anything with your bg result (scribble it in a book or enter >it in a
pda) you might just as well enter it in the keypad of your mobile >phone
(it needn't add any time to complete bg testing process) and then >have a
remote powerful computer sniff your result, and give you some >insightful
feedback. A central computer knows the weather, even the weather
>forecast. It knows your menstrual cycle (wasn't it this time last
month?) >or prompts you to say whether you've ovulated. It even knows how
fit you >are, because it knows your recent exercise shedule. > >As I said
in my other email, I feel there is probably a window where >without too
much extra info, a computer could make better predictions than >I could.
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