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RE: [IPk] Blood Charts and techno-utopia

>I agree, but I think the problem is that they rely on needing to know so much
>information. And it's incredibly frustrating to spend the time plugging in all
>the data.  Think of all the things that have an impact on your BG.
>Not just exercise (and even more specifically, type, strenuosity, duration,
>fitness level, etc) and food, but stress level, weather, time of month, which
>side of the bed you got out of that morning, season, etc. etc. You would have
>to spend months plugging in all this type of data in order to get something
>precise enough out of it that made it worthwhile using.

Well, what do you already do with your bg data? Sniff at it and chuck it
out? If you do anything with your bg result (scribble it in a book or enter
it in a pda) you might just as well enter it in the keypad of your mobile
phone (it needn't add any time to complete bg testing process) and then
have a remote powerful computer sniff your result, and give you some
insightful feedback. A central computer knows the weather, even the weather
forecast. It knows your menstrual cycle (wasn't it this time last month?)
or prompts you to say whether you've ovulated. It even knows how fit you
are, because it knows your recent exercise shedule.

As I said in my other email, I feel there is probably a window where
without too much extra info, a computer could make better predictions than
I could.


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