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RE: [IPk] Blood Charts and techno-utopia

On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, you wrote:
> These sort of programs sound interesting. I like the way they build trends
> based on past data. It would have been nice to have been able to plug into
> such a program before I went out at lunch today. My BG was at 7.9 and I had
> roughly .5 of a unit bolus left in my system. That should drop me 1.4 mmol.
> I suspended for the walk, but my .5 units (and leftover basal insulin)
> dropped me 5.5 units! And of course, I've rebounded since then. Perhaps the
> computer would have been able to tell me not only how many carbs to eat, but
> when I needed to eat them. I think information like that could smooth over a
> lot of bumps for people on a variety of therapies - and probably have cost
> saving implications as well because people would more easily keep nomative
> BGs.
> elizabeth

I agree, but I think the problem is that they rely on needing to know so much
information. And it's incredibly frustrating to spend the time plugging in all
the data.  Think of all the things that have an impact on your BG.
Not just exercise (and even more specifically, type, strenuosity, duration,
fitness level, etc) and food, but stress level, weather, time of month, which
side of the bed you got out of that morning, season, etc. etc. You would have
to spend months plugging in all this type of data in order to get something
precise enough out of it that made it worthwhile using.

I once took part in a consumer thing where you get given a scanner, and every
time you buy anything, when you get home, you scan it in, and enter variou
spieces of simple information, like where you bought it from, and the whole
thing gets downloaded down the phone line automatically every night.
Seems easy enough to do, and you get rewards for doing it, but after a couple
of weeks I gave up on it as it was such an incredible hassle to do. Given that
I test my BG (and do things like exercise and eat) far more frequently than I
go shopping, I can't see myself having the time and energy to plug in all the

On the other hand, if such a system could automatically determine your mood,
exercise and fitness level, how many grams of carb, fat and protein you'd just
eaten, the weather, and so on, then that would be much more useful!!!!

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