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RE: [IPk] Blood Charts and techno-utopia

There is a computer programme which models this already it is called DIAS
and is used in some centres around the UK. 

If you want more info- please email me directly. 
Jules :-)
Julette Kentish
Diabetes Research Dietitian
Bournemouth Diabetes & Endocrine Centre
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Castle Lane East
Ph: 01202 704929
Fax: 01202 704759

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			This type of approach can not be too far off.  There
is a chap at
		Robert Gordon's University in Aberdeen who is 
			modelling type one diabetes - his work is still at
the very
		embryonic stage though.  At this stage it is passive - he is
gathering data
		on bg's, insulin usage, CHO intake, exercise and modelling
it all.  I
		participated in the first phase of the research but then
started on my pump
		so could not go any further  His young daughter is diabetic
and I feel that
		he his hoping that there will be a magic way to forecast the
whole thing - I
		hope he is right!

			Ultimately this must all be possible - it will be a
question of how
		the data and decisions are delivered and who is

			Audrey Sheal

		> What I would prefer is to have a computer analyse and
advise me all the
		> time on these things. Imagine being given a freephone
number which dials
		> in
		> to a computer at your diabetes clinic on which you have an
account. While
		> your bg meter is counting down, you dial the number on
your mobile phone
		> (it's preprogrammed on the phone). The phone identifies
itself in that
		> magic way they do, so the computer knows who you are. When
the result
		> comes
		> up on your bg meter, you enter the result on your
telephone keypad, and
		> perhaps enter what you are about to eat using a simple
code. The computer
		> (which knows all your recent data, so knows what does and
doesn't work for
		> you) speaks back to you and tells you what to bolus. Or
tells you to
		> change
		> your basal rate by so much. It could be constantly
updating its best guess
		> of your carb insulin ratio at that time of the day. It can
notify your
		> doctor when things aren't going well. It would
revolutionise how a clinic
		> operates, since the clinic would always know how you were
getting on. They
		> may be overwhelmed by the data, but that doesn't matter:
it's the
		> computer's job to know the rules, and to analyse and
		> Fanciful? I'm convinced a central computer, with very
powerful software,
		> could do a  better job than we can. Anyone care to write
the software?
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