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Re: [IPk] Blood Level Monitoring

>     I've always designed my own charts for my sugar levels and they =
>have used them at the hospital I attend, I've recently been looking for =
>some software on the net but its all american etc does anyone know of =
>any easy to use software thats free or I can buy, it must give a daily =
>/monthly average of the readings, I don't need to link the meter I just =
>want to enter it myself. I currently use the Glucotrend 2 if that might =

Dave -

There's an excellent review of diabetes management software at


What problem do you have with US software? Is the spelling? ;-) Most
programs I've seen allow you to choose what unit you want - mmol/L or mg/dL

On a longer timescale, there is an open source software project currently
underway to develop some good diabetes management software, compatible with
all common meters, operating systems, and accessible to partially sighted

Insulin Pumpers is hosting the project at

If you want to join the project in any capacity, do so at the website.

I wrote my own software about 8 years ago to run on a Psion 3a. (My Psion
is a pocket computer that lives with me most of the time.) It produced lots
of pretty graphs etc - things like a 7-day running average gives a good
insight into what's happening. I meant to release it publicly, but there
were just too many small bugs, and I lost the impetous to complete the
project. Unfortunately when I switched onto a pump 3 years ago the insulin
side needed a complete redesign - and I haven't done that yet either!

But I transferred the graph side of the software (it's now in Perl) to
produce pages on my own private diabetes website at

I've not seen anything from MiniMed, but a friend has some great little
sheets that Disetronic provide - one sheet per day or week, I forget. They
are lose sheets, so you keep a couple with you, and then file them at home.
You plot the bg and insulin and food, so you get a good picture of what's


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