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Re: [IPk] Re: sites

> Me too :-) Sometimes it just goes straight in. Other times, wherever I put
> it, it HURTS. I tend to move somewhere else if it is hurting, but just
> occasionally it hurts everywhere and just have to just do it. Is that
> stress related or what? Never been sure, but it was the same when I was on
> injections.

Yes, I get this too, and the more stressed I get, the harder it gets!

> I would die for 6-7 days! I'm a 2 day bloke. If I go any longer I get the
> little red bump too. My clinic have looked at it, and reckon it's skin
> reaction to the infusion set, rather than an infection.

Sometimes I can only get 2 days, sometimes I can get 6-7 days (don't shout at
me for doing this!). And after the 6 days, the site looks better than after the
2 days when it's started to hurt. I think that seems to be related to stress
and general health too. When I'm in good health and not stressed, my sites last
a lot longer. Not suggesting that you're stressed though, John :-)
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