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[IPk] Blood Level Monitoring

Hi Everyone,

     I've always designed my own charts for my sugar levels and they =
have used them at the hospital I attend, I've recently been looking for =
some software on the net but its all american etc does anyone know of =
any easy to use software thats free or I can buy, it must give a daily =
/monthly average of the readings, I don't need to link the meter I just =
want to enter it myself. I currently use the Glucotrend 2 if that might =
     I've always had trouble controlling my levels and with the pump it =
is better but not good enough, and my old designs have just been in =
numbers which most of these little diaries that the companies give out =
are the same and are awkward to get an average. Anyway I've made a graph =
chart and entered Aprils readings AAAAGGGHHH it looks really bad well I =
did have flu although thats not an excuse, I've saved it as an =
attatchment  under new blood chart in adobe illustrator for you to look =
at, let me know if there is a problem reading it , and comments and =
would be appreciated, if anyone would like to use it I'll e-mail it to =
them if they want without my medication on it.

Best Regards


[demime 0.97c removed an attachment of type application/postscript which had a name of New Blood Charts.ai]
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