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[IPk] altered requirements

Nanette wrote about difficulty in upping basals when unsure why requirements
have changed. I have exactly the same problem .I used to think that this was
because I was sure I would experience hypos sooner or later as requirements
were sure to decrease again. Now I realise that it's a lot more complex than
that- fear of insulin resistance, weight gain etc, as well as sheer
frustration in not being able to come up with an explanation as to why this
is happening. I had a horrible time in March with blood glucose regularly
shooting up into the high teens, particularly in the late evening and late
morning/ early afternoon.At first I tried to rationalise it with a viral
infection but now realise that I was feeling lousy due to the hyperglycaemia
rather than some unidentified virus.I eventually increased my basals by 0.1
to 0.2units per hour during these times and my total basal has gone up to
17.2 from about 14.8 as a result. Another thing I found uncomfortable is the
fact that my basal profile doesn't look anything like the nice graph with 2
peaks representing the dawn and dusk phenomenon and I decided that I wanted
to be " normal" i.e. like a "normal person with diabetes"
I've just decided to accept that I am in fact an Alien!!. ( I had a problem
overcoming this last hurdle and had to discuss it over the phone with Rita
Blackmore before I could bring myself to make the adjustment)
I still find it amazing that a couple of units over 24 hours can make such a
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